Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maruta Broke Up

I fucking LITERALLY just got up. I awoke and thought to myself "today's gonna be a great day!", but it isn't off to a good fucking start when the first bit of news I read about is that Maruta have called it quits! The hell!!! Talk about news outta no where! You can read the official statement that vocalist Mitchell Luna gave Lambgoat here.

I'm honestly incredibly surprised that they decided to break up, especially considering how good a year that they've had; their latest album "Forward to Regression" is quite excellent and has gotten a huge amout of praise from many publications, they practically just finished a European tour with Wormrot, it seemed like they were serious troopers and would continue to make great albums, to me at least. Sad news for the grind community, definitely a bummer to see an awesome band go. You have one last chance to see them live at their last show on Sunday, December 4th at Churchills in Miami, Florida, and you can pick up "Forward to Regression" from Willowtip Records.



  1. Super shitty and upsetting. Yesterday Defeatist and now Maruta, whats happening?

  2. i talked to mitchell earlier today. he wouldn't go into detail, but he sounded pretty bummed. he said he's got something new going with the rhythm section so hopefully they won't leave us hanging long.

  3. yeah, I met Mitchell briefly at MDF, he seemed like a lively guy. He'll definitely be doing something in the future