Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interview:Full Of Hell

PA/MD band Full Of Hell have recently released their first LP entitled "The Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home" and are making a name for themselves by playing constant shows and adding many different elements to their simple hardcore sound which make them a very original and innovative band. I caught up with their vocalist Dylan and asked him a few questions.
~Dante Fotino

OG-Full Of Hell have recently released their first full length LP entitled "Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home." How was the reception from people been?

Dylan-From what I can tell, it's been largely positive. I'm extremely humbled and pleased that people have been so receptive. We were very confident going in that we would be proud of the finished product, but we were unsure what everyone else would think. Dom at A389 helped a lot of course. He had the record sent out to so many distros and reviewers sites before it was even released. Overall, it's been great.

OG-As any listener of your band could tell, your influences vary from Grind, to Sludge and even to Power Electronics; what were some of the main influences you guys had while writing the songs for the record?

Dylan-It is a little all over the board of extreme music. We were definitely under the influence of GASP, Throbbing Gristle, Cursed and Pg 99 while we were writing this, and as always, I personally was listening to a lot of Tom Waits.

OG-How were you guys approached by Dom from A389 and how do you think it has affected your band as a whole?

Dylan-Dom was under the impression that we were a KISS cover band from Ocean City. He brought us into the fold and once he released that we weren't what we said we are, he tried to cut off ties. Thankfully, we have him legally binded to us. God Bless America.

OG-You guys recently played one of the biggest Hardcore fests in America "This Is Hardcore" how was the experience of playing the fest and how did you guys feel the audience reacted to you guys, as you're not the traditional hardcore band that the fest is known to put on?

Dylan-It was really surprising to suddenly be a part of This is Hardcore. It happened last minute, and we were really grateful to be a part, but we also knew going in that we were kind of the odd men out. I wasn't sure how we were received until the days following the fest, and it seems like it went well. Joe is the absolute best promoter to work with and the entire weekend was a blast.

OG-You guys are doing a full US tour with Heartless, how did that offer come about, and will this be your first headlining tour?

Dylan-Adam from Heartless invests a huge amount of his time and money into booking DIY shows in Pittsburgh, and over the last couple years, he has helped us with shows several times. I was always really into Heartless, so this past summer we just brought up the idea of doing a tour together, and it went from there. I wouldn't call this a headlining tour at all though, Heartless is an incredible band and we are both going to be supporting the releases of our first LPs.

OG-How does the song writing process usually go with you guys, as there seems to be a lot that goes into a song until the entire band is fully?

Dylan-Everyone in the band besides me lives in Ocean City, MD. They hang out almost every day to practice and write. The band is a borderline obsession for all of us, so I'm pretty sure it's just about all any of us think about. They compose and demo the song and email it to me. From there, I write the lyrics and demo it again on my laptop and send it back. It's actually a pretty quick and smooth process.

OG-While on tour, bands always seem to have an eclectic amount of music that they listen to in the van from venue to venue, what music could we possibly hear coming from your van?

Dylan-A lot of shitty electronic pop music.

OG-After the tour, do you have any plans on new material?

Dylan-We have a lot of plans. So many in fact, that our releases for 2012 are already all planned out and being recorded next week. Hopefully we'll start announcing our collaborations soon.

OG-Any things you would like to add?

Dylan-Check out Dave Bland, a real mother fucker living on the edge.

Thank you for the interview! you can check Full Of Hell out with links below

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