Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inteview: Domenic Romeo(Pulling Teeth, A389 Recordings, Hatewaves)

I'm Alex, the newest addition to the contributors at Operation Grind core . My posts will focus more on Hardcore, but I am also a huge fan of PV, Grind, Death Metal, Crust, and music in general. I'm 17 years old, and hail from the glorious Denver, Colorado. I'm excited to be here and you should be too.
This Is my interview with the guitarist of two of my favorite bands, and the founder of one of my favorite record labels, Domenic Romeo. It was a pleasure.
~Alex Beegle

Alex-Pulling Teeth are embarking on a European tour with Seraphim in a couple weeks, can you tell us more about this tour?

Domenic-First time PT has toured anywhere since 2009, not really sure how I feel about it yet. I feel like I've aged 10 years since my daughter was born last year. I'm used to being close to home and getting fat. It'll be good to get out and play some music for a few days, I'm really excited for Europe to see Seraphim for the first time. That was a stipulation of us doing the tour (that Seraphim comes along). They're gonna blow minds.

Alex-Both of your bands, Pulling Teeth, and Hatewaves, have released albums this year on your label A389 Recordings. Can you give us some background info on A389?

Domenic-I started A389 eight years ago this January to release records by bands that don't suck. We're up to almost 100 releases and none of them suck.

Alex-What up and coming bands on A389 would you recommend?

Domenic-All of them.

Alex-The A389 8th Anniversary Bash is coming up in January, and it has a killer, very diverse lineup! How did it all come together?

Domenic-Same as every other year, I combine my birthday wish list and label showcase into one awesome show that outdoes itself every year. Expect the unexpected.

Alex-Is it true that Hatewaves are a parody band of sorts haha? Tell us about "The Tombs".

Domenic-Hatewaves is hardly a parody but more so the musical reflection of one of the greatest men who ever lived: TheXBeast. 'The Tombs' picks up where 'Taste ThexBeast' left off...documenting true legacy.

Alex-PT's 2011 release "Funerary" built on the band's sound with some interesting new ideas, what/who were some of the influences behind this?

Domenic-Adulthood, the passing of loved ones, The Beatles White Album, and Anthony Wayne Hare.

Alex-Tell us about the guest artists featured on "Funeary".

Domenic-We have a lot of awesome friends.

Alex-What is the Baltimore hardcore/metal scene like?

Domenic-I dunno I don't ever go out. As far as local bands I enjoy listening to Oak, Deathammer, Triac, Eddie Brock, Lapse, Scum Again...and when I really want to get fired up I throw on Trapped Under Ice.

Alex-What bands/Albums have you been listening to recently?

Domenic-Roky Erickson 'The Evil One', Junior Bruce 'The Headless King', Napalm Death 'Harmony Corruption' and the Curious George soundtrack by Jack Johnson (while the movie is playing...repeatedly).

Alex- If you could tour with anyone (Still together or disbanded) what would your dream lineup be?

Domenic-KISS in 1977. I wouldnt even want to play, would be content as roadie that got to watch them every night.

Alex-What is The future for PT, Hatewaves, and A389 Recordings?

Domenic-PT exists in its own realm. Everything we do could be followed by years of inactivity so I don't really bank too much on future plans, we kind of take it as it comes. HATEWAVES is working on a split with this band from Europe called Alex Henderskin. They kind of sound like Criminal Damage and share our affinity for TheXBeast. HW also has a new LP called 'Hater Of The World' in the works. A389 will keep doing what we're doing.

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