Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There's New Column of Heaven Music On the Horizon.

I do want to make it perfectly clear that I do not dislike Column of Heaven, I actually rather enjoy them, and "Mission From God" will most likely be making my year end list. It's the hyperbole around the band that I thought I was too much, but I don't want to rehash old and tired debates here. The point I'm making is that I'm super pumped on any new music from these guys. With that being said, here's new music from these guys! Two new releases are in the works right now, a lone 7" for Iron Lung Records, and a split 7" with Radioactive Vomit. The song that's been put up is from the latter, and it's pretty damn good. This track, entitled "Aubade II: The Trident of Light and Decay", definitely displays a more "metal" influence that people seemed to pick up on "Mission..", that I never really heard. The usual grinding with well orchestrated noise and samples is still present, thought it's not as harsh this time around. Still no word on when this or the other 7" will be released, but a cassette collection of all the new tracks will be floating around in some select distros. Collectors scum, be on the look out (you know I will be). Check out the new track below.


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  1. This new song is the best they have written so far(in my personal humble opinion)Hails Column of Heaven!