Friday, November 9, 2012

Fuck...I'm Dead Interview

The Australian grinders are back to deliver "Another Gory Mess"! Here's an interview Alex Cha did with Fuck... I'm Dead's, Dave Hill, who also plays with The Day Everything Became Nothing. Enjoy!

Operation Grindcore: Can you describe the grind scene in Australia? Is it better now as oppose to the year 2000 when Fuck... I'm Dead was created?
Dave Hill: I have to say its a fair bit quieter now in in my opinion, than how it was back in 2000. There are still some great grindcore bands from around here, but perhaps not as many and the scene doesn't seem as big at the moment. From 2000-2008(9) or so it was awesome, heaps of shows and heaps of great bands, playing shows and releasing material.
OG: What is your favorite Fuck... I'm Dead song to play live?
Dave: It would have to be "Colon Commando", its such a fun song to play live and I get to execute one of the very few lead breaks we have, a sweet tapping solo! Some of the new songs are great to play too, like "Horrified" and "Sanguinary Overture".
OG: Besides your own band's name, what is the most offensive band name you've come across?
Dave: Anal Cunt would have to be at the top of the list for most offensive and ridiculous.
OG: Given that we haven't seen you since Maryland Deathfest, are there any plans to tour America in the future?
Dave: Unfortunately we currently have no plans to tour the US at the moment. We've been concentrating on writing, rehearsing and recording the new album for the last 6 months or so and have only arranged and Australian tour in support of that so far.
OG: Talk about the artwork for "Another Gory Mess". Who's hands are those... and what exactly are those hands holding?
Dave: They are actually my hands in the photo, and I'm scooping up another gory mess. Its an absolutely horrendous concoction that myself and Xavier (guitar) put together. Xavier took all the photos and layed out the booklet as well.
OG: Your releases have touched nearly every format. We've seen Fuck...I'm Dead cassettes, vinyl, CDs and DVDs. Is there a particular format that you guys prefer?
Dave: I love CDs for the convenience, but the vinyl is probably my favourite. Hopefully we'll get Another Gory Mess released on vinyl!
OG: What is the first grindcore album you ever owned and what are your feelings about it today?
Dave: "Reek Of Putrefaction" by Carcass, and today its still one of my favourite grind records and it has definitely stood the test of time.
OG: What do you think happens more often: a drummer (not necessarily yours) dropping a stick or a technical difficulty with the drum machine?
Dave: Haha I reckon the drum machine having a technical problem. For us it has been a great change to have Darren Condy on drums for the last few years. It has added much more dynamics to the songs, especially live. And if there is any stick dropping going on there is always the opportunity to improvise. When there was a error with the drum machine, like no stage foldback, or not playing the correct song, there isn't much you can do, you just have to go with with and hope for the best.
OG: Here's a fake scenario: you're on tour and (knock on wood) your drummer accidentally gets injured to the point where he cannot play. Do you cancel the show or bring back the drum machine? And is that even an option with the new material?
Dave: There is no going back to the drum machine under any circumstances, a human on the drums is a vast improvement For Fuck...I'm Dead's sound. I wrote a lot of the new material using drum programming to start with before rehearsal it with the rest of the band, but there is really only bits and pieces of songs scattered through the drum machines so it really wouldn't be an option anyway.
OG: Any last words for your American fans?
Dave: Thanks for all your support over the years, it was awesome to tour the US and play Maryland Deathfest in in 2008. Another Gory Mess will be out officially on November 12th 2012 through Blastasfuk Grindcore (, grab yourself a copy to mosh to.

~Alex Cha

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