Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Powerviolence Compilation You Should Check Out

From the wonderful people that brought us the USA Power Violence Vol. 1 compilation, comes the the 2nd chapter in this sure to be epic series of releases. While that comp. focuses exclusively on bands from yee 'ol 'Merica, this next one branches and features bands from all across the world, including Get's Worse from the UK, Skuff from Canada, and goddamn Extortion from Australia! While there are very few exclusive tracks for this, this line-up is still stacked enough to make anyone with any interest in underground music give it a shot. It looks like a LOT of time went in putting this together and getting the tapes organized, comps. are a huge undertaking (believe me!). The cassette version of this is still available, I'm sure, but you can download/stream it on bandcamp too. Killer!



  1. Yup - bought the first one and I've bought this one too. Great to see people bring these bands together and well worth supporting.

  2. This blog is fucking outstanding!!!! Fuck yessssssssss!!!!! Been reading all the back blogs. Spot fucking on spot fucking right on!!! Top notch reviews on top notch releases, and great interviews with fuckers that like the fucking FAST!!!!!! Fuck yes!! Blloooooooogggggggghaaaa!!