Friday, November 23, 2012

In Disgust Are Playing A Reunion Show

There are a lot of times where I grimace at the fact that I'm not living in the west coast. News like this makes me power frown at my current residence like no other. In Disgust, yeah that In Disgust, are playing a reunion show in January. And of course, I have to be on the other-fuck-side of the country. You west coaster's and your super awesome bands. Makes me sick. In all seriousness though, this is some pretty incredible news, and I'm excited about the possible outcomes from this. I mean, their split 5" with SFN is coming out. Maybe a full on resurgence from the band? Might be a stretch, but hey, a guy can dream. 



  1. You may live in the east-coast, but here in Europe, I die a little bit every time a reunion show or a "last show" turns up. It happened with Maruta, with In Disgust, with Cellgraft...

  2. Where ddid you hear about this?