Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Bad Friends

See, I really do appreciate it when you guys tell me about bands, because otherwise I most likely would have looked over awesome groups like this (thanks for the heads up, Tyler!) Bad Friends are a kick-fucking-ass fastcore/powerviolence band from Albany, NY (a mere few hours from where I live. Need to get these guys down here). This debut (?) EP is 10 track beast of gritty intensity. Loud and lo-fi recording; the kind where the drums are ├╝ber-present and the guitars scream over everything, and the buried vocals yell out, desperate to be heard over the mix. You know, the good kind of recording. Fans of bands like Vaccine should instantly fall in love these guys. This shit will make you power stomp small children. Check it out below, and give them a like on Facebook.



  1. i sukked teh leed singers dick in a chipotle parkin lott 1 time

  2. pretty over produced for "powerviolence"
    and vox remind me of some metalcore band i hate
    other than that, pretty cool