Thursday, November 8, 2012

Four New Agoraphobic Nosebleed Albums??

I've been hearing exciting news regarding upcoming ANb releases all year, from upcoming splits with Extortion, to the new Decibel Magazine christmas flexi. But nothing could have prepared me for this bombshell that they dropped earlier this month.

New's like this makes me need to shit in other peoples pants, cause mine are filled. This is one of the coolest things I've heard all year, and if any grind band could pull off an idea this ambitious, it's Agoraphobic Nosebleed. And praise be to Scott Hull for not burning out or taking any resemblance of a break. Dude is not only banging out tracks with ANb, but released the new Pig Destroyer album, will be touring selectively this and next year, and most most likely working on these new solo albums well into next year. I'm now convinced he's an riff-crafting automaton from space.
While it looks like these new albums won't be released until the better part of next year (ugh), this gives us plenty of time to play the "What Will The New Albums Sound Like" Guessing Game! I'm gonna say a lot of sludge influence on Kat's, given her time with Salome. Weirdo grind with an oldschool vibe for Richard's, and for Jay...fuck, who knows. How about, noise drenched, hip-hop flavored, electronic encrusted, cyber blasting, hatefuck grind. Sounds about right, right? Right. Scott's will probably be more along the lines of newer Pig Destroyer, with a lot of thrash and other metal influences. Place your bets in the comments below!



  1. I think Kat's will definitely be doomy, but not like Salome. probably more like the slow tracks on the Despise You split, and definitely with some "Moral Distortion" type tracks on there as well. Jay's will probably be the most interesting. i'm thinking noisey, but more like a crazy gonzo nightmare like ASOA was. Rich could go the old school thrashy route, but i think he might have some other tricks up his sleeve, since he has Drugs of Faith as an outlet for that type of thing. No idea what to expect from Scott, but i'm sure it'll have some guest spots from JR Hayes and the usual suspects (hopefully). all in all i'm pretty psyched for all of these.

  2. Nah Im' thinking Randall's will surprise most; i'm guessing old school Black Falg/DRI style hardcore for his