Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cloud Rat Are Putting Out A New Album! Stream A New Track. Rat. There's no doubt in my mind that these guys and gal are going to get their "big break" soon, and become more than just underground grind titans. Everything from their stupidly good live performance, to the stunning quality of their music and recordings, this band has it all. But I guess I should stop wanking in their ears now, and get to the real "news" part. One of the things I live about the band is how prolific they are. To my knowledge, they've had split 12"s with Xtra Vomit and Republic Of Dreams come out this year. And now, the band is about to have their new full-length LP come out!
There's the sure-to-be-gorgeous-in-person cover art. The new album, entitled "Moksha", is all recorded, and about to be sent to the pressing plant. US labels, IFB and Halo of Flies will be handling the domestic release, while overseas, 7Degrees and React With Protest will handle the European pressing. It's awesome to see so many great labels wanting to get in and help release this. Hopefully it will help get their name out there more. Aside from all that, there really haven't been to many other details announced about the record. According to the Cloud Rat blog, they also have a 7" coming out. I'm stoked. You can stream a new track from "Moksha", entitled, "Aroma", over at Halo Of Flies right now.



  1. oh man. i didn't know 7degrees and cloud rat hooked up. awesome pairing. 7degrees does amazing work on album packaging.

  2. my friends live with Madison in Detroit. I asked her if I could score an advanced copy of 'Moksha' and she said "ask me again in Janurary" :)