Friday, November 16, 2012

Best News Of The Week: The SFN/In Disgust Split Is In Effect

Yeah, oh yeah, yeah buddy. Yeah. After all this time, agonizing, just agonizing at the thought of the posthumous split 5" between SFN and the stupidly good In Disgust not coming out, I end up moseying 
on over the the Drugged Conscience Records site, and see this:

As soon as I read that, all seemed right with the world. We will FINALLY get to hear some "new" In Disgust music! Just, rrrrgh, yes!! This is probably the last time we'll ever get any kind of new material from the band. The fact that it's coming out at all is just amazing. The SFN side is nothing to over look though, and fortunately, you won't have to wait until whenever the record comes out to hear it. The band has uploaded their whole side to their bandcamp page. It's killer stuff; blistering, techy, super aggressive fastcore. Hopefully this comes out before we all die in a firey apocalypse. Stream the SFN side below.

My reaction to all this.



  1. I was most happy with early In Disgust (their demo especially), but none the less I still look forward to hearing the new stuff. SFN trax rip,