Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bandcamp Artist of The Week: Crutch

When a band takes their name from a Crossed Out song, you pretty much know you're gonna get something ripping and powerfully violent (see what I did there?). Such is the case with Crutch, a San Diego powerviolence outfit that strictly plays no bullshit fast hardcore songs. Fans accustomed to the genre pretty much know what they're going to get, and Crutch definitely don't do anything groundbreaking or original, but their songs definitely deliver in all the criteria you need to be a solid powerviolence band. Good recordings, good vocals, good everything. Three of their releases are currently available on their bandcamp, definitely check them out and buy the physical releases if you come across them. 

Also, for any readers of this blog who are also hip-hop fans, I highly suggest you listen to drummer/guitarist Matt Ants self-titled rap project. Dope lyrics and a plethora of different types of production. Listen and download here, my favorite release he has is definitely "TORTUREFUNK". 


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