Friday, March 16, 2012

New Column of Heaven Song!

For those who don't know, Column of Heaven was basically The Endless Blockade after The Endless Blockade broke up. However, now it just has the bass player and maybe the drummer. The released a tape EP last year exhaustingly titled, "Ecstatically Embracing All That We Habitually Suppress". Definitely a cult release that I didn't  hear a whole lot of people talking about. Well, CoH are now finishing up for a new release, and have put up an unmastered track called "Barghest Jugend" on their Bandcamp page. Fans of TEB should definitely find a lot to love here, it keeps the same basic sound they had, except with full-time vocals from the bassist. Noise, blasting, sludge break, it's all there. Give it a listen here and await the new release. No word yet on when it will be release. 



  1. Unimpressed.

  2. On this release they have a new vocalist. Nolan did all the vocals on the demo , which is why it sounded a bit more like the endless blockade than this does. Also, the track is from the album called "Mission from God" not the other way around.