Monday, March 5, 2012

Suffering Mind Will Dominate 2012

People who pay attention to this blog should know that I have a soft spot for the Polish grindcore band Suffering Mind. Definitely one of the bands on my "Most Criminally Underrated" list, over the course of their existence they've made nothing but visceral, ferocious grind, and created what I consider to be a perfect grindcore album in their "s/t" 2010 full-length. All while managing to keep a strong DIY ethos, in particular with their recordings which they occasionally do at their practice space. Something that they proudly display in print on their records.

In their relatively brief existence, they have managed to be quite prolific, releasing many splits and EP's. But it looks like 2012 will be the year where Suffering Mind will dominate the underground. Already having released 2 splits (a 7" with The Afternoon Gentlemen and a 5" with S.A.T.A.N), and with a shit-ton more on the way. Splits with Phobia, Protestant, Needful Things, P.L.F, Catheter, Massgrave and Powercup are in the works. As well as a live 4" picture disc, a new 5" which will be released on 625 Thrashcore/Crucificados Records, and 12" for Give Praise Records. Holy fuck right? Just trying to keep up with this band is exhausting. I hope that they manage to release all of these records this year. For a fanboy like me, the anticipation for some of these is just painful. You can hear choice tracks from some of these upcoming releases on their bandcamp.



  1. some nice splits coming up this year, the split with Phobia should be great!!

    Phobia's split with Abaddon Incarnate was one of the best of last year too

  2. cool. any word on who the new singer is?

  3. His name is Radek, according to their Facebook page