Friday, March 16, 2012

+HIRS+ - "NUNMILK" Review

Is there still anyone among the readers of this blog that still don't listen to +HIRS+? Are there any non-believers of the Dog in the theater? GET UP AGAINST THE WALL! That's a Pink Floyd reference for ya right there, I'm getting fancy over here. If there are any non-believers, a listen to their new EP "NUNMILK" should convert them. This EP tears my face off with it's perfectly manicured fingernails, throws it on the floor, and then stomps it in the ground with it's hot pink heels. +HIRS+ are still doing the dissonancey, ANb-style grindcore, and they do it masterfully. For one, this is probably their best sounding recording to date. The guitars sound great and full of range; the low end, palm muted riffs are crushingly heavy, and the blasting dissonance riffs are devilishly piercing. I also notice a ton more groove and breaks in these 9 songs too, which might help make their music a little more digestible for new listeners. Obscure, kvlt samples once again serve as segways  between songs(I really wonder where they get all these from). There's a nice bass break in the song "Pink Heels" too, I can dig it.
This EP ends with a 5 minute remix track of their entire "Worship" EP by someone named True Neutral. Very much in the same vein as The Endless Blockade's - "Advanced Directive" remix on the CD version of "The Red List" split. This remix is waaay more reserved though. Definitely not as glitchy and chaotic, still a bit noisy, but I think this actually works more as a legit song. The remix fluidly goes from noisey dissonance blasting to slow, sludgy doom tempos. Mixing in samples and chopped & screwed riffs and vocals. It's really damn cool. All in all, "NUNMILK" kicks fucking ass! Listen now and worship or be slain to appease the great and powerful dog! You can download it on their bandcamp, or pick up the cassette version at Human Beard Records.

Rating: 9/10


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  1. LOVE this band.