Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wanna Hear 5 New Weekend Nachos Songs?

Dumb question, of course you do! The Chigaco titans of sludgy powerviolence have recorded 5 brand new songs for an upcoming split 7" with the legendary west coast band Lack of Interest, and were kind enough to put them all up for download via mediafire! That sure was nice of them, huh? As is to be expected, these 5 songs are straight slammers. Any fans of their last album "Worthless" will find plenty to love here. Download the tracks here, and be sure to pick up the actual 7" when it's released later this year on Deep Six records!



  1. Hi, I'm looking for a grindcore videoclip I watched a couple of years ago but I can't find it, perhaps they banned it from Youtube. Can you help me find it? I think it was an official video made between 2002-2008 maybe. I remember there was a guy in a suit with a paper bag over his head on an escalator and some stock exchange shots and tv jamming, the whole video was in fast forward I think. Sounds familiar? I can't remember the band, guess it was a well-known one.

    Thanks anyway. Keep it up

  2. sounds like the cover for Rotten Sounds - Exit.. kinda.

    1. Right!! It was the Burden video. Thanks, man!