Thursday, March 1, 2012

Graf Orlock - "Los Angeles EP" Review

Graf Orlock are a band that really have developed their own unique schtick. They've managed to take a gimmicky and tongue-in-cheek nuance like movie samples and turn it into a refined style that a few have dubbed "cinema-grind". Unfortunate subgenre name, but still very fitting. All of Graf Orlock's lyrics and album concepts are based around Hollywood blockbusters we all know and love, and they tie in the choice audio samples to actually complement the lyrics and help progress the story instead of just adding them for comedy. Though I do still chuckle every now and again from some of their choices(i.e.: this songs outro). So now, Graf Orlock have returned with "Los Angeles". A blazing four track EP based around the 1995 movie "Heat". Al Pachino samples galore, but the songs aren't over saturated with them. Which is nice since they honestly do break the momentum and intensity of a song if they're slapped right in the middle. The music on "Los Angeles" is very solid; keeping the usual Graf Orlock heaviness, but the hardcore influence really dominates the grindcore on this release. Minimal, dissonance-y blast parts and way more chugging riffs and hardcore fury that should please fans of the more intense Deathwish Inc. bands or any fans of the old-school Victory Records roster. The blast beats here are definitely not used as the backbone of these songs, it's more like how bands like Touche Amore or Converge use them: tastefully and when needed. And honestly, if you ignore the lyrics and the concepts of this EP, it's definitely not the most original sounding music hardcore music you'll hear this year. But, "Los Angeles" is still a solid ten minute release. Pre-orders for the 7" should be available soon on VITROL Records. In the mean time, stream a new song on

Rating: 7.5/10

(Disclosure: OG was sent a promo)


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