Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Holy Fuck, Why Haven't I Talked About The Drip Yet??

Ummm, yeah, my bad guys. I really don't know how a band this gnarly was able to slip by this blog for this long. I've heard the name a lot, but for some reason never decided to pay much attention to them. Possibly because their band name never really appealed to me. But anyways, last year they released a stupidly good "s/t" EP, which had I heard would have definitely made my "Favorite EP's/Splits/Demos of 2011" list. If you like your grindcore razor sharp, metallic, and overflowing with seething aggression, then The Drip should please you for quite some time. Their EP shows incredible talent and a very professional approach to releasing music. They also have a new EP, called "The Wasteland" (see the awesome cover art by Arif Rot below), which should be released next month. I definitely won't sleep on that one!! Listen to their "s/t" EP here. Oh yeah, and that snare drum KILLS!!



  1. Dag! That is pipping hot!

  2. not bad. there's something clicky to the percussion that bothers me and the name is outright awful. but that's a pretty damn good find. i definitely wanna hear more.