Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Listen to Merdarahta!

Grindcore may be closest to our hearts, but we here at Operation Grindcore are also huge noise music junkies. A genre of music that many may find even more abrasive and challenging than even the fastest grind band. We've dwelled into noise with our own projects and groups, and when you look at it, noise and hardcore/grind have had a special relationship for decades. Bands like Man is The Bastard, The Endless Blockade, Insect Warfare and more recently Sea of Shit have all shown appreciation for the distorted and grinding textures of noise. With members of said bands and many others branching off into their own decibel shattering projects. 

And so we now have Merdarahta, a relatively new band featuring members of Fuck the Facts and The Sun Through a Telescope. Merdarahta go for more of a brooding, slow moving approach to noise and sound. Definitely more of a dark/harsh ambient style, with more more traditional instrumentation like drums and guitars sprinkled in, which reminds me of groups like Yellow Swans. Some of you may have already heard these guys if you listened to the B-side of your "Die Miserable" cassette tape. They currently have two releases on their bandcamp page, both of which are also featured on Grindcore Karaoke, with many more releases and collaborations to come. 



  1. Fault Of Air/Breathe is a pretty excellent album. Even for a fairly new fan of noise like me. Everything about it just seemed to fit perfectly

  2. The b-side of "Die Miserable" is pretty rad.