Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Greber Track? Yes Please!

Okay so this track isn't exactly "new", it's been available for streaming since the beginning of February. But that being said if you haven't heard this new jam "No Thanks", you should cause it's fucking dynamite! It's a groovy sludge dirge with elephant stomping momentum and hard, memorable riffs. It's an all around great listen. True, it's not grindcore, I wouldn't even call it hardcore. But I think Greber's grind cred is undeniable   seeing as how bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon also plays in a little band called Fuck The Facts. "No Thanks" will be featured on an upcoming split 7" with Indonesian grinders Proletar. Listen to it here, and while your at it also download their debut EP "Hometown Heroin". 


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