Wednesday, October 26, 2011

VII's Recent Purchases

I got a crap ton of records the last couple days, and more are on the way, but for now I'll only show some pieces that I'm particularly excited about. Unfortunatly, I don't have a turntable at the house I'm currently at, so I can't tell you what most of these sound like. First up is the Pig Heart Transplant/The Endless Blockade split 7" put out by Superfi records, black vinyl, 45 RPM. I purchased this from To Live a Lie.
Excellent packaging with super, super great artwork. The record is packaged in a 3-panel fold out, heavy weight sleeve with lyrics and more art printed on the inside. Definitely evident that a lot of care and effort went into this presentation. This is The Endless Blockade's official swansong release, and I'm expecting it to be more on the noisy side given who they're sharing this split with. Super excited to spin this. You can still pick it up at a few distros including Give Praise records.
Next up is the brand-spanking new Capitalist Casualties/No Comply split 7" released by To Live a Lie. Will sent me the "pill bottle orange" version (limited to 100) to review, so expect that sometime next week. The CC side is a live recording from 1994 and the NC side is taken from a split with Charles Bronson that sadly never happened. The orange vinyl one's are going fast so pick one up real soon!!
Gorgeous vinyl
Next up is The Endless Blockade - "Turn Illness Into a Weapon" 12" on black vinyl with a double-sided insert. I got this from Vinyl Junkie, and I just have to rant about this purchase for a bit because it was not a good experience. Now, I've ordered from them 3 times prior, all with good results, but I don't know what the fuck happened with this one! First up, it took about 3 weeks for my purchased to "finish processing", and I should have gotten Dystopia's - "s/t" LP with it, but apparently someone stole it, or it disappeared some other way. Which is weird, cause you'd think if someone ordered it, it would be taken off the shelves. Anyway, this record finally arrives, and I open it up to find no padding, no protection, nothing. Just the record in the LP mailer with a few random things thrown in. Major, major, MAJOR no-no!!! The record wasn't even mailed outside the sleeve, leading to the inevitable split seams and dents. Also, it had a big as fucking sticker on the cover(not advertised with this information), which I thankfully managed to get off without tearing, but still an unpleasant surprise. Fucked up order, but I got another order from VJ coming in the mail soon, and hopefully that one's better. If not, I probably won't order from them again. Anyway, here's the record. 
Lastly is the vinyl version of Fuck the Fact's - "Die Miserable", released by Relapse Records on clear vinyl with a double sided insert. Topon Das messaged me asking if I would be interested in buying a clear version off him(the clear Relapse records are limited to 100 and only given to the bands and the employees, not sold to the public), and of course I bought it right up. Thanks a lot dude!! I've talked endlessly about this album on here in the past, and let me tell you that it is awesome. Very awesome. Expect a full review in the near future!
By the way, here's a little fun fact; I own this album in all the 3 mediums it was released.
Fucking stupid.

Other records purchased:
  • Magnum Force - "Self Loathing" 7"
  • No Comply - "s/t" 7"
  • Mesrine/Sakatat - split 7"
  • Mind as Prison - "Maryland Grindcore" 7"
  • Deathrats - "Give Up" 7"
  • Jurassic 5 - "Power in Numbers" 2x 12"
  • DS-13 - "Killed by the Kids" 12"
  • Napalm Death - "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" CD


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