Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hatewaves-The Tombs

This 5" rager is a split release between two awesome labels, A389 and Regurgitated Semen Records. In just four short minutes, Hatewaves shows you just how pissed off they can get. Compromised of members of Pulling Teeth, I already had high hopes going into the first listen, and was not let down. Much faster and more aggressive than their metallic hardcore counterpart, Hatewaves cranks out 7 tracks of fast pissed off jams. Straight forward, raw vocals; nothing over the top but fits just perfectly. Surprisingly, even though most of the songs are under 30 seconds there are some awesome, driving (dare I say, catchy) riffs thrown into it and it works great to keep your head banging. I've heard that all the songs are about inside jokes among the members, so the lyrics are somewhat whimsical and not to be taken to seriously. The lyrics are even funny at times. For what it is I can dig it. There's an instrumental track (I'll let you listen and guess the riff) that I think could have been left out and replaced with something more fitting with the rest of the tracks. But all in all it's a solid second release. If you're looking for some pv influenced fast hardcore and don't mind the running time of a 5", then pick this record up. Black vinyl, in a badass gatefold sleeve (yes, a 5" gatefold), which I've only seen done by one other band (Cap Cas's "Dark Circle"). Buy it either through A389 (U.S.) or RSR (Euro).

Stream here
Rating: 7.5/10
FFO: Hummingbird of Death, Despise You
Best track: Pride

~Stanley Liszewski

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