Sunday, October 30, 2011

Horsebastard – Equestrian Blastcore Demo

If I were to sum up Liverpool based hardcore band Horsebastard in a single phrase it would be this; this band is fucking crazy. Crazy good, crazy fast and all round bonkers. My band shared a bill with them at London’s Purple Turtle once and it was a performance quite a lot of the other bands frankly struggled to match (I was certainly happy we didn’t have to follow them). Every element is top notch chaos executed with a savage foaming insanity. Their now ex-front man Johnboy holds the title of most intimidating on stage personality I have ever encountered; his self-preservation switch wasn’t so much as flipped off as it was ripped out of the wall. He flailed in all directions, got in the audiences’ faces, verbally and physically abused us and tried to smash a bottle to roll around in; he failed but there was still blood. Horsebastard now have a new vocalist Chris and by all accounts he is just as talented. Their three song sample Equestrian Blastcore is up for free download on their bandcamp so go get it.

p.s Watch the drummer and remember to place a cushion beneath your jaw.

~Martin Grainger


  1. Snap, I read the whole review wondering who it was from the day of noise event, if anyone at all (given the possibility they could have played there a previous time). The bandcamp is only a sampler of the demo, but the full length demo is proper stellar. Also noticed John-boy is in the audience.

  2. Where can we get the full-length Alex? Yeah I noticed him there too.

  3. Drummer is not good.

  4. They're now faster and louder and more like this...