Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sidetracked - "Uniform" Review

One of the great things about short releases is that there is usually very little room to fuck up; a few songs play, they do their thing, and then done. And if they do happen to fuck up, it'll be over in no time at all. "Uniform", the latest EP from Tacoma, Washinton's fastcore duo Sidetracked, does not fuck up. What we have here is a 13 song, one sided 7" that blasts your balls off with non-stop aggression(and a very minimal amount of slow parts), then ends 4 minutes later. Some people might not be able to get over the brevity of some of these songs(the longest being 34 seconds), but this is a release that you really have to take in as a whole. Trying to pick out stand alone tracks will only leave you with a headache. The recording is very rough and distorted, but I think that adds to the aggression and momentum of the music. The lo-fi production almost give the music a throbbing effect. This is the kind of release that I can see being a big hit in the early days of grind/fast hardcore, where the fastest and shortest releases were sought after by speed hungry kids. Definitely one of my favorite EP's of this year, pick it up at To Live a Lie and keep an eye out for the metric-buttload of releases they have coming out, which you can read about here.

Rating: 9/10



  1. reminds me of the (perhaps apocryphal) tale of a record exec who invited the ramones into his office he 1975 or so. he said he was ready to walk out on the band, but they finished their set before he could leave.

  2. Love me some Sidetracked! We've had the pleasure of playing a show with these dudes before, and they kill it everytime!

  3. I fucking love this band. Everything they put out is GOLD. Wanna see them way bad.

  4. You're very welcome Jay. Keep on blasting!