Monday, October 31, 2011

+HIRS+ - "Worship" Review

I've talked about +HIRS+ a few weeks ago in our Bandcamp Artist of the Week article, and mentioned that they had an upcoming 1-sided 7" EP entitled "Worship" coming out in the near future. Well, today it saw the light of day, so I guess now is a good time for a full review. On this release, +HIRS+ blast out 10 under 1-minute tracks of blasphemous drum machine grindcore. Not your typical million-BPM cybergrind either, is pretty obvious that a lot of attention was focused on songwriting and track to track flow. There are samples galore, all of which are very negative and anti-religious. Again, these are not just added for the sake of having samples, many of these act as segway's into the next track, making "Worship" more like a single piece than 10 individual songs, which is a tactic that I really enjoy. You can purchase "Worship" and their split postcard flexi with Towers here for 6 bucks. Or if you're a cheap bastard, you can download their whole discography for free on their bandcamp.

Rating: 8/10
FFO: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Standing on a Floor of Bodies


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