Thursday, October 13, 2011

VII's Recent Purchases (Diseased Audio Records)

I made my first order from Diseased Audio a few days ago, and I couldn't be more happy with the package I received! It came to me in about 4-5 days, and in a manilla envelope, which almost always screams disaster when we're dealing with vinyl shipping. But when I opened it up I found that my purchases were wrapped in 2 more layers of mangled cardboard boxes. Looked sketchy as hell, but everything came out amazing! No bent corners, no warped records, no cracks. Excellent shipping! First up is the Worn Out demo tape(who were one of our Bandcamp Artists of the Week), I got the last one (sorry Andrew) and it looks fantastic. Pro-cassette, self released by the band.

Shitty webcam photos are shitty, but the quality of the pictures I tried to take with an actual camera were crappier, so for now this is how these posts are gonna look. But I digress, the art is printed on heavyweight paper and folds out into the whole picture, with lyrics on the back. This band rips, definitely check them out!
Next up is Vile Intent - "In the Shadow of the Skull", their first 7" release. Diseased Audio actually put out their follow up 7", "Regression to the Mean", which has stirred up a bit of a buzz in certain underground grind circles. I opted to get this one first because it's harder to find.
Very excellent packaging from Choking Hazard Records, die-cut sleeve printed on heavyweight black card-stock with silver ink with a double sided insert. Black vinyl. Very raw grindcore, I'll be buying their other 7" soon.
Lastly is another band and 7" that has created quite a buzz, Sea of Shit's demo. Originally released on cassette I believe, but then pressed on to wax by Suburban Mayhem Records from Ireland. Very simple packaging, folded sleeve with an insert. Black vinyl, black labels, no bullshit.
I can't say I'm in love with this band yet, like everyone else seems to be. Raw PV, and that's about it. I actually prefer the stuff I heard from with s/t EP and their split with Socially Retarded, but those were unfortunately sold out. I'll hopefully be getting those soon.


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  1. I got that Sea Of Shit demo. My only real complaint is the main vocals, which are pretty goddamn weak to the point where they make the female vocals on the new Despise You sound like Matt Gomes by comparison. But the riffs and everything are pretty enjoyable.