Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Audio Terrorism "The Soundtrack For Blind Hostility"

This comp is awesome! Originally released in 1997 and limited to 500 copies, this comp was put together by Scott Hull and J. Randall along with a few other people. With 99 tracks from 99 bands this comp may seem a little overwhelming and you might expect it to be a burden to listen to, but it is an enjoyable listen. Seeing how each song is around thirty seconds long, you need to listen to this comp in it's entirety to get the full experience. Just picking out songs by the bands you recognize wouldn't work. Some of the bigger names on here are Noothgrush, Benumb, ANb, Spazz and Bastard Noise and loads more. Cattle Decapitation's track on here is really neat, it's noisy powerviolence that is completely different from their deathgrind style that they are most known for. Also the artwork is fantastic! If you are in the mood for a crazy listening experience look no further.

Download here

~Andrew Lipscomb

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