Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Download A Metric Buttload of New Six Brew Bantha Tunes!

Props to those who get my witty title (I'm hilarious). Not content with just releasing one of the best grindcore albums this year, Canadian power-trio, Six Brew Bantha, have finished recording for not one, but two new split 7" records! One with blackened-crusters, and fellow Victortians, Iskra, and another with Agitate, from Minneapolis. What's even better, is that they've put up their new recordings for free download! It should come as know surprise that the new songs absolutely kill it. Tons of groove, incredible stop-start riffs, a great clanging snare drum, and a killer heavy recording. Fans of their self-tlted full length will not be disappointed. The band is currently looking for labels interested in releasing these bad boys, so if you know some people(or are some people), help a sick band out! Download the tracks here!


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