Monday, September 10, 2012

Cellgraft - "Cellgraft" Review

Well, it looks like Cellgraft have decided to call it quits, after some odd years and a few seemingly well received releases under their belts. The "online grind scene" seemed to blow up with cries of literally many bummed out fans, which kinda caught me off guard, honestly. I had never really heard of a lot of people talk about Cellgraft before, or hold the band in high regards. I guess it's that strange/unfortunate phenomenon where a band breaks up and suddenly everyone jumps on board their music. Can't say I ever payed much attention to the band, but it's sad to see them go. The Florida outfit leaves us with this,  a 12 track, 17 minute swan song album. I'm a big fan of this growing trend of releasing full-length albums that could easily fit on a 7", and this album wastes no time kicking in and busting out the heavy intro. Pretty much the only slow part on this entire album. What follows after the pretty well constructed intro is a non-stop blast-grind-fuck fest. Cellgraft have made it abundantly that they're not going to fuck around on this final album, bust out some last minute experimental bullshit or try and be anything more that a legit grindcore band. This is overall, probably their best recording. Their past records always seemed too thin to me, they didn't have a lot of punch. They brought the low end on here, and it's very much appreciated by my ears. However, the left channel seems to be a lot louder than the right, which is distracting as fuck if you like to listen to your music with earbuds, like I do. Another issue I have with the album is that there really isn't a lot about the songs that stick with me. Very little, to no memorable or stand out parts, except for a cool riff every now and again ("Abdication"). I know Cellgraft is not meant to be a catchy band, I accept that. But I would have liked something to stand out. Their really isn't anything original or ground breaking about this album, but as a final output, it's definitely a good output. Throw it on whenever you want to get a 12 minute dose of eardrum violence. RIP Cellgraft.

Rating: 6.9/10


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