Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Nachos Preparing For New 7" Single!

Chicago heavy-violence favorites, Weekend Nachos, have just announced on their facebook page that they are getting ready to once again hit the studio to record a brand new 7" single! From what they've said, it looks like it's mainly going to be a special release for the next A389 Fest in January, but it will probably get a wider release later on (but still, if you're going, hmu because I will pay you to get me one!). It will contain two new songs, one of which will be featured on their upcoming 4th full length(!!), and have an exclusive B-side. So yeah, it will only feature two tracks, probably short ones too. But on the flip side, this means that they've been working on new material and a full length is in the works too!! Pretty exciting news if you ask me. I'm sure the new jams will hatefuck our collective faces. More info soon, hopefully!


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