Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pig Destroyer Debut New Lyric Video For "Burning Palm"

The wait for the new Pig Destroyer full-length, "Book Burner", is almost unbearable. I used to be stoked for October just because of Halloween, but now I have a (hopefully) incredible album to celebrate as well! Little by little we've been getting sneak peaks of the new album, but now, Relapse Records has debuted a full on entire track called "Burning Palms" for a new lyric video. Unsurprisingly, the song is a ripper. Scott really pulled out some weird riffs for this one, harmonics and high notes are all over the place, and the drums are on constant blast-grind mode. Honestly though, I am a bit disappointed about the vocals. JR really seems tired on here, and not all that aggressive. He's always been one of the most intense and desperate sounding grindcore vocalists, in my opinion, so to hear him be pulled back a bit is a little surprising. Fingers crossed that it's just for this track though. Pre-order "Book Burner" now at the Relapse webstore, or pick it up on October 22nd.



  1. I felt the same way about the vocals. When I think JR Hayes, I think visceral, raw, and pissed. The lyrics are still boss though. And Scott's work is incredible as always.

  2. i disagree about the vocals, well in not liking them anyways. while they don't sound as angry as they did before, i think they sound more desperate, like almost more human than before when he sounded like an inhuman monster, oribably because they aren't putting distortion on his voice this album. i think the desperation in his voice might come from the lyrics in this song too, so others could have a much more "i'm gonna fucking kill you" vibe to them