Monday, September 17, 2012

Bandcamp Compilation Of The Week: "USA Power Violence Vol. 1"

These week I'd like to bring your attention to this super kick-ass compilation, originating from a currently unknown source (can't find the origin of the comp. at this time). This digital/cassette release features 18 powerviolence/grindcore bands from across the United States, and each one of them contribute some solid jams to this beast. A good chunk of the bands on here have been talked about on OG at some point (False Light, Curmudgeon, Snakes, Suffer On Acid, Stresscase, etc.), so right there you know you have some good jams to listen too. Most of the other bands are ones that I've been meaning to talk about for a while (Bridge, Necklacing). And holy shit, listen to the Beast Plague track on here, goddamn. The cassette is sold out (darn), but you can download it for free on their bandcamp. Help spread the word, and keep your fingers crossed for a Vol. 2!


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