Saturday, September 22, 2012

At Long Last, There Is New Music From Worn Out!

I've hoped, I mean realllllly hoped, that this day would come to be. The Chicago grind band Worn Out, who released one of the best demos I heard last year, are finally back with brand new music! Goddamn, I'm so glad this band isn't a one-demo-wonder. They've returned with seven new tracks of pummling face-meets-concrete grind for a split pro-cassette and 7" with the Australian hardcore band, Shackles. They've got a crisper recording this time around, and have definitely gotten a touch faster, but have kept that excellent, seamless song-to-song flow and song writing that's as tight as a gnats asshole. No word yet one when this split will be released, but in other news, Chicago label, Diseased Audio, is re-releasing their demo on 7", hopefully sooner than later. Very well deserved. Hopefully no more of you will listen to this awesome band. Stream their side of the Shackles split below, and give them a like on Facebook! Full support!!



  1. That demo is sick, new tracks are awesome. I think the 7" is slated for release around Nov/Dec. Can't wait

  2. two members are also in men as witches