Friday, September 7, 2012

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Absvrdist

Fucking awesome modern grindcore from San Antonio, Texas! I've been seeing Absvrdist's debut full length all over bandcamp, and I've seen tons of people talking about them all over the internets. Truth be told, I've listened to "Illusory" a few times over the past couple months, and I have no excuse for why I'm just not writing about them. Tons of great qualities about this release; the recording is superb, first and foremost. Great modern sound, and ridiculously heavy. The guitars are mixed beautifully and the drums are perfectly punchy and bassy. Great song writing too, excellent riffs and with tons of groove, blast riffs and some parts that might catch you off guard (they break out an acoustic guitar at one point). They say that there's black metal influence, and I guess you could say that, given their use of minor-key chord progressions from time to time. But overall (and thankfully), the black metal thing isn't really a focus. Bands like Gadget and Nasum have done this too, and Absvrdist pull this sound of brilliantly. Love it.


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  1. Awesome song. Checked out this album right away. SOLD!