Friday, August 31, 2012

Bandcamp Artists Of The Week: Beatriz Carnicero, and Shoveit!

I'm gonna treat you guys this week, and expose two pretty gnarly bands to you for your listening pleasure.  The first of which I believe is the first band from South American that I've talked about on here. More specifically, from Uruguay, a country that I don't think I've heard any kind of abrasive music from. Anyway, the band is called Beatriz Carnicero, and they are a pretty killer fastcore outfit. On their EP, "No Recess", they tear through 15 tracks in almost half the time, with only one track reaching the 1-minute mark. Pretty proper for a fastcore band, amiright? They're definitely more inspired by the old-school sound, as opposed to the modern-mindfuck fastcore bands like xBrainiax or Dead Radical. But they incorporate some tastefully placed stop-start passages(always good), and some more unconentional down-tuned riffs show up every now and again. Check them out!

The next project is a seriously vicious drum-machine grind band that fans of +HIRS+ and Agoraphobic Nosebleed should be all over like white on rice. This band, Shoveit!, will definitely appeal to those who still get a stiffy for the early 7" days of ANb. I wouldn't be surprised if this dude listens to their two self-titled EP's religiously. Short, short, short songs, fast drumming, and a super thick and distorted guitar sound. Not a whole lot of groove on here, but there are plenty of good, simple riffs to sink your teeth into. Check it!



  1. good pick! I think the Shove it! record is pretty cool.

    if someone's interested I interviewed them by mail. here it is :

    have to check Beatriz Carnicero.