Thursday, August 23, 2012

32 Seconds of New Pig Destroyer Is All I Need To Get Stoked.

Well fuck me for not being on top of my game when it comes to juicy new streams from the new Pig Destroyer album, "Book Burner". Definitely, probably, certainly my most anticipated full-length of this year, and the details the band shared with us about it in our recent interview with the band only fueled my roaring excitement (thanks again to Alex Cha!). And now, we can give thanks to the British, for streaming a short and sweet sample of a brand new song entitled, "The Underground Man", on the BBC 1 Radio site. Just going by this sample, it definitely lives up to the "fast and furious" sound the band has mentioned the album will have. It sounds like typical fast Pig Destroyer, which is definitely not a bad thing. The production sounds akin to the "Terrifyer" album, Adam Jarvis drumming sounds great, and is that the Grindfather, Richard Johnson's vocals I hear? Guhhh, so excited, guys! Stream the song here and experience the magic. Be sure to pick up "Book Burner" on October 22!


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  1. Definitely sounds like Richard Johnson