Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Holy Fetus", Batman! The New Hummingbird Of Death Song Is Killer!!

Everyone should know that my love for the Boise, Idaho fastcore outfit, Hummingbird of Death, burns deep within my soul. And that I've been craving to own their new, awkwardly named album, "Skullvalanche", ever since I heard of it's early stages. Not being a band to stick to the standard fastcore formula (their last release, a split with Titanarum, featured two 5+ minute fastcore monoliths), HoD said that this new album would be their most "experimental" yet. Showcasing more of a slower sludge/doom metal influence. Curious, is it not? Well, a new track from the album entitled "Holy Fetus" has just been released, and it is fucking awesome! For one, the production is fantastic. Chunky and full of crunchy low end distortion, definitely the heaviest the band has ever sounded! To go along with that, the vocals are much deeper and more guttural than any recording before. It really has an old-school death metal sound, especially in the first have of the song, which is the faster part. It has this awesomely riff with a great primitive blast beat driving it forward. The 2nd have is where the slower doom influences show up, and it's just crushing. Fucking A, this band can do no wrong! I've already pre-ordered the new album, you can too on the Deep Six website, and be sure to order all the other new releases the label is ready to put out!


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  1. twas kinda strange at first but suddenly I'm liking it after some few more plays