Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Gets Worse

GRUFF! Oh man, if you like your powerviolence mean, burly, and crushingly heavy, than you need to listen to the new album from this English powerhouse band, Gets Worse. These songs are fucking tough, and will kick your bitch ass wether you're asking for it or not. Seriously, this album has balls. The production is perfectly heavy. The guitars are just smothered in this deep, crunchy low-end, and the bass guitar just booms right along with them. Like, imagine if The Afternoon Gentlemen and Xibalba decided to join forces, and kidnapped "Unforgivable"-era John Hoffman to do vocals. It's heavy (very heavy) and has a nice balance of fast and slow riffs, it's fantastic. AND! On top of all this, included in the song, "Loner", is a sampled from on of my favorite Adventure Time episodes. Bloody brilliant. A 10" vinyl release of this should be out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 


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