Friday, January 27, 2012

Your Enemy - "Fuck Off Weak Grind" Review

If you're in a band, and you're gonna name your demo "Fuck Off Weak Grind", your better be able to back up your title with your music or else you're gonna look like real bunch of assholes. For a new, up and coming band this can be some dangerous territory to dread in and if I was to judge a book by it's cover(in this case title) I would think Your Enemy were a crappy, lo-fi mince/shitcore band. Fortunately, this is not the case! Your Enemy's first release steers clear from the usual expectations of a demo; crappy recordings, sloppy playing, etc., and instead goes right for the listeners throat all through out it's 7 minute run time. Very well recorded and well executed deathy-grind in the veins of bands like Assuck and Terrorizer(but ya know, not like this). Whole lotta blasting, not a whole lot else. There are occasional grooves and slow bits, which help this release not suffocate under it's own relentlessness. But this demo isn't supposed to be about "the catchy bits" or "the sick grooves". It's about being a short, sweet, and visceral shot of blasting grindcore. Not very original, but very solid and enjoyable demo. You can download the demo here and stream their split tape with Human Waste here.

Rating: 7.5/10


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  1. your enemy side is pretty generic grind, heard it a thousands before aand will hear it a thousand times again. it sounds like second rate noisear in the worst way, blast break blast break blah blah. the human waste side is far superior bass drum westbay style that mantains an awesome originality.