Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nails/Skin Like Iron - Split Review

Did y'all know that Nails have a new split coming out at the end of the month? How cool is that! The California trio will be sharing a split 7" with fellow west coasters Skin Like Iron, which will be released for public consumption January 31st. This will be a one time, limited pressing of 1000 copies, something that collector snobs everywhere will be dying to get their hands on quick! Side A features 2 songs from Skin Like Iron, which serve as my formal introduction to this band. They play a melodic, uplifting sounding, moshable style of metallic hardcore. And aside from the vocals there's not a whole lot in these two songs to distinguish them from the rest of the pack of bands like this, or turn me into a fan. D-beats galore, and more major-key guitar leads than you can shake a stick at. I've heard this style done a lot, and I've never been into it really. And again aside from the vocals, which go for a more raspy, metal sound, they just don't sound different or interesting to me. Pass 
Now on the flip-side, we got Nails. A band that I am a huge fan of and am always interested in new material from. 2 tracks from them as well, and I believe these are also to be included on their upcoming full-length which will be released later this year. The first song, "Annihilation", is an almost 3 minute mid-tempo chugger. Heavy as shit production, almost bordering on sounding too thick and soupy, but just still destructive as hell. This recording makes Skin Like Iron's side sound like the newest bubblegum pop record. One noticeable change I hear is the more higher register vocals from singer Todd Jones. I thought he would be switching it up a little bit judging from some recent live videos. Still sounding sick there Todd! Thanks for not adopting those death growls. Their side ends with a quick 24 second blaster called "Cry Wolf", showing that Nails still got the fast songs in them. Stoked as hell for the new record! You can stream the new split over at the Deciblog here, and pre-order the 7" at Nails merch store. 

Rating: 6.5/10


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