Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Live a Lie Will Reissue Magrudergrind's - "Crusher" 10"!

Magrudergrind's "Crusher" EP is pretty much the ground zero for the whole "Scion controversy" in the extreme music scenes. The idea of a well established and highly respected grindcore/powerviolence band  having something released by a car company of all things got everybody's collective panties in a knot and fueled a whole lot of outrage and confusion(even though Magrudergrind hadn't changed there style at all, and the resulting release was, dare I say it, one of the best things they've ever recorded). Opinions are opinions, but all of you who dismissed "Crusher" because of it's background should be happy with this; To Live a Lie will be re-issuing the EP on 10" vinyl with different artwork, and no with no Scion involvement. According to TLAL founder WIll Butler, the re-issue will look very similar to the Bones Brigade Records version that was released last year, and will include an 18"x 18"poster. The vinyl will be limited to 600, 400 on black and the remaining 200 on opaque red vinyl. Very excited for this release, since I'm one of the people who was too late to snag one of the BB 10"s. This should be released very very soon, so keep a look out. And if you haven't heard this awesome EP yet, do yourself a favor and click "play" on the video below!



  1. I dont actually see an issue in Scion releasing anything if its top-notch anyway. As many shows as theyre involved with and releases to boot, i figured there would be some controversy ages ago but that never came. Many of the shows that have Scion involvement probably just wouldnt be taking place otherwise. I for one thank them .. regardless if their involvement with most if not all is as slim as it gets.

    1. Grindcore music is not about supporting car manufacturing corporations, there the issue.