Wednesday, January 18, 2012


SMG are a band from Shah Alam City, Malaysia. This is the first of their material I’ve heard, so I can’t compare it to past releases, though I will say I expected this to be much noisier. I mean, when your bio includes the phrase “flithy [sic] noisegrind,” one gets certain expectations. Anyway, what we have here from SMG is four tracks of mincecore with some distinctly Eastern touches that go beyond laughably poor English lyrics (though those are here as well). So what do I mean, you ask? Take for example the sample at the beginning of track two, “Strong In Group.” It’s two entirely out of context seconds of someone rapping, and not even a full line. It’s like they really liked Magrudergrind’s “Heavier Bombing” and wanted to make their own version, but without any understanding of hip-hop.

The production on this side is a bit thin and quiet. Shit, if you were to tell me they used a $100 Squier out of a half-functioning cassette deck to record the guitars, I’d believe you. Drums sound like standard raw grindcore drums and the vocals are the typical incomprehensible URRRRZURRRRRRFRRRRRRRRRRR that everyone loves. Now if any part of this review seems negative, I can assure you it’s not. Every single idea present in these four tracks rules so hard it’s probably illegal in most municipalities. SMG unapologetically make raw as fuck grindcore. Listen or don’t. (Also, a million bonus points to the band for including the phrase “annihilate fake fucks” on the insert.)

Daisycutter take up the B-side of the split with eight tracks of a grindier take on Infest. I actually have heard these dudes before on the “Invertebrate” 7” as well as their split with Socially Retarded. And I’d be lying to you if I said this was their best. The last track, “It’s An H.M.B.S. World,” is so pointless I really don’t even know why they put it on here. Maybe they wanted to make a noise track? Who knows, but good lord is that track unnecessary. That’s not to say it’s all bad though. “Self Righteous Slave” features some quality riffing, and the Infest-styled vocals that briefly appear in “260” rule so hard. Overall though, this really isn’t the best I’ve heard from the band. If you find yourself enjoying their side, be sure to pick up a copy of “Invertebrate,” as it features everything done here but better.

~S Thomas Posega


  1. i've got the smg/carcass grinder cassette and it's one of those awesome little nuggets of incomprehensible engrish goodness. southeast asian grind is pretty much where all the coolest stuff is happening right now.

  2. I think that track was supposed to be a take on "It's a M.A.N.S. World" by Napalm Death chump

  3. lol hav u evr heard of napalm death?