Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Please Help Sergio(ACXDC) Pay For His Daughters Heart Surgery

Sergio, vocalist for ACXDC and friend of OG, has posted a rather troubling report a little while ago on the ACXDC Facebook page. His daughter Savina is going into heart surgery soon and as we all know, that shit ain't cheap. Anything that any of you can do, be it donate or buy records/merch from their big cartel, would be greatly appreciated and helpful to help pay for his daughters surgery. Here is what Sergio posted:

This is my daughter Savina (Azellea in the background). Savy has to have heart surgery and it's going to cost a lot. If you'd like to help you can donate via PayPal at sergioamalfitano@yahoo.com or buy ACxDC albums on our bandcamp (ACxDC.bandcamp.com) or buy some merch well be making or attend some benefit events in the upcoming months. It would mean a lot if you could spread the word. Any support is much appreciated. 

Scary stuff, and we here at OG wish his daughter and family the best. A special shirt design is being made for the upcoming benefit shows, and I believe they will be up for sale online in the near future. Buy merch here and here

(shirt design)

Good Luck Savina!!


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