Monday, December 3, 2012

Standing On A Floor Of Bodies - "Sacrilegious and Culturally Deficient" Review

As some of you may know, I am notorious for cursing myself with atrociously high standards when it comes to new music sometimes. Which more often than not leads to bitter, sickening, curl up in a corner disappointment. But I mean, how can I not do this to myself? Especially when it comes to bands like Standing On A Floor Of Bodies, who released one of my favorite under five minute grindcore releases EVER in 2010, with the "Teaching Pigs To Sing" demo. Now back with a new member, Bvnny Stitches, doing additional vocals, this husband and wife duo (cute, it's it?), return with their debut full length, and it rips! If you loved their demo as much as I did, you should have absolutely no problem getting into the material on here, and you have no idea how happy it makes to to say that. Everything that made "Teaching..." great is amplified on "Sacrilegious and Culturally Deficient". The recording is much thicker and brutally heavy this time around, the riffs and the excellent programmed drums all blend together into this wall of destructive low-end punch to the jugular. If you want your perception of what a bass/drum grindcore band sounds like to change, listen to this band. Yeah, absolutely no guitar anywhere near this recording. The tones they get are insane. The vibe this band sends off is also genuinely unsettling and cold. SOAFOB's style of horror-grind is pretty unique, and it's something I don't hear a lot of bands pulling off, or at least not as convincingly. It's like the musical equivalent of a trap from one of the Saw movies, or the torture cellar of some sociopathic killer.  It's great stuff. Mike Stitches vocals are top notch, as always, and Bvnny's natural high screams are a great companion to Mike's guttural roars. 15 minutes of sickening grind, and on a side note, the record is on one beautifully packaged single-sided 12" with a screen printed B-side. 7 Degrees records did a great job with the presentation. A cassette version was also put out on Sisster Ssound, which is equally awesome looking (it comes it a fucking body bag). Can't wait to hear this bands future releases.

Rating: 9/10



  1. I haven't heard this yet.
    And so, nice fakeout lead-in.
    you had me going

  2. They also released a 2012 demo "Hostile Carbon Units" that has a few songs that were reworked into the full-length.