Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bandcamp Artists Of The Week: Agonizing Blight and Rapturous Grief

More solid as a rock powerviolence-y hardcore from the west coast for ya! A brand new band featuring members of the mighty Crutch, Agonizing Blight keep their jams short, to the point, and pulverizing with the old-school powerviolence inspirations in full force. Definitely gonna get these guys on the OG West Coast comp. Check em out.

Guh, I wish I had listened to this band sooner. Rapturous Grief play the kind of simple powerviolence that I can fall in love with at first listen. All the key ingredients are there, the flail-in-the-mosh-pit riffs, the punchy drumming, and an excellent recording (the distant low end rumbles during the slow parts is a fantastic touch). This is a band that knows what a guitar/drum band should sound like, dynamically. Add a few stop/start riffs in there, and you know I'm sold, baby. Fans of Shitstorm should definitely dig these guys.



  1. The Agonizing Blight logo is done on purpose to look like the one from Despise You, right?

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  4. yeah, it was definitely a ripoff. we weren't trying to be subtle, ha. -matt

  5. Yeah Rapturous grief is a cool new band.
    here's an interview I did with their singer/guitarist if you're interested :