Friday, December 7, 2012

Fuck The Facts Are Hitting The Studio And Making Some Cassettes.

My favorite Canadian weirdo's have apparently been hard at work this past year. Numerous postings on their Facebook page tell of a new album on the way, and the band is apparently heading into their own studio this Sunday to record! It only seems like yesterday that their excellent album "Die Miserable" came out, so to have a whole full length of new material on the horizon already is some brilliant news. I've also heard that a couple splits might be in the works as well, but I'm not too sure of it (what's the word, Topon?). There are a few videos up on their Facebook showing some instrumental practices of new songs, and the riffs are fucking killer. Definitely one of my most anticipated albums of 2013.

In addition to the new album, the band, in their true DIY fashion, are re-issuing their last 2 full lengths, "Stigmata High Five" and "Disgorge Mexico" on cassette! Everything here was done by the band, and the finished products look great. There are also tentative plans to get the "Misery" EP (also released last year in company with "Die Miserable") on vinyl as well. These guys just never stop!!



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