Friday, December 7, 2012

The Kill - "Make 'Em Suffer" Review

For as much as I talk about my love for Australia grindcore, I'm ashamed to admit that I've never sat down and listened to a full album from The Kill. Or even given the band much time at all. I hope you all can forgive this great travesty and with due time, I can redeem myself by immediately listening too and buying every single one of their releases ever until the end of time. Or I can just review their new album, "Make 'Em Suffer". Which I'm doing anyway. So there.
"Make 'Em Suffer"  is definitely what I would call a "ripping" grindcore album. The musical precision and blazingly fast attack to the ears that these Aussies grind out is basically the musical equivalent of a buzz saw to the sternum. Slashing and hacking at anyone that even brings up the words "mid-tempo". Being just a guitar only grindcore band, these dudes really did capture a full sound. The guitar tone is bright, and the overall production is very modern sounding, but the intensity of the bands performance doesn't let these ordinarily unpleasant qualities distract from my enjoyment of the album. Another great thing here, they keep the album short. At a very nice nineteen and a half minutes, the album stays around for the perfect amount of time. It also seems like this band had some fun with this album, and like to not keep things too serious. From the semi-tongue-in-cheek album title, to the very tastefully placed melodic riffs, and even borrowing lyrics from Judas Priest. The cover of Slayer's "Necrophobic" is also a very nice surprise here. Not only because they managed to twist it into one hell of a grind song, but that they actually made something from Slayer enjoyable (bravo)! So yeah, you could say I'm a fan of these guys now.

Rating: 7.5/10



  1. I was just listening to this record and thinking, "ok it's gonna be my next review"(on my blog Blasting days) then I saw you just done it's their day maybe.
    I'm also gonna say it's a cool record. but what's funny is that I intended to say that the Slayer cover is not a surprise because their riffs seems very trash metal influenced to me...but I prefer the original.

  2. ha. make that three of us thinking the same thing. i was just jotting down my notes for this one today.

  3. Such a fucking good band, and such an excellent continuation of their sound. Glad everyone's jumping on the Kill bandwagon with this record.