Thursday, August 18, 2011

VII's Recent Vinyl Purchases

     A little while ago on my old blog, I made posts where I showed off some of my prized pieces of vinyl, and some of my recent purchases. Well, our main-man Andrew dug it a lot, and has suggested that I do posts like that again on OG. I love showing sweet vinyl, so here are my latest records. Now, I've been away from my turntable for a few days, so I haven't gotten the chance to listen to any of these yet, but at least I can give you some pretty(?) pictures.
     The first two records I purchased from Hells Headbangers. I don't order from them too much cause they don't carry a lot of stuff I'm in to, but whenever I do, I'm always pleased with how well the records are packaged and how fast the shipping is.
     First up is the Kill the Client/Thousandswilldie split 7", released on RSR. I downloaded all the tracks from this, so I know what it sounds like, and both bands thoroughly kill it on this split. Kill the Client tear through 3 tracks of fast/groovy/heavy grind with some cleaner production. Great stuff.      Thousandswilldie give 5 tracks of super crazy, sorta-technical grindcore. Seriously, one of grinds best kept secrets. I'm super bummed they broke up. I hear they have a few post-mordum releases coming out, but I'm not sure.
     Pretty familiar RSR packaging. I think this is the first 7" of theres that I got where the cover art sleeve actually fits the dust sleeve. Well done! I just wish it didn't have that shitty text on the front cover. Transparent yellow vinyl too. Sexy.
     Next up is something that I was really surprised to find in the HHb store; the Capitalist Casualties/Hellnation split LP. Hell yeah!! Of course I bought that. I've actually been wanting this for a while, I fricking love Hellnation. I love this cover too. I don't know why, it's just so fun to look at.
     Released on Six Weeks and Sound Pollution Records (duh), with a 2-sided insert with lyrics and black vinyl. Pretty standard packaging. Can't wait to listen to this.
     Lastly is one that I picked up at my local shop. Pretty much just cause I saw it was released by Six Weeks and I wasn't finding anything else that I wanted. Strong Intentions - "What Else Can We Do But Fight Back". It's pretty beat up around the edges and it's got slight ring-wear, but it was 10 bucks and the vinyl is in good shape. Why not, right? In hindsight, I actually do recognize the name from the 2nd "This Comp. Kills Facists". I gave it a quick spin at the shop; it's fast, sloppy hardcore. Decent. Come's with two, double sided inserts with lyrics and pictures, on black vinyl.



  1. Strong Intention has a few great records.

  2. i really want that ktc/twd split. i've got the capcas/hellnation on cd, but damn that vinyl makes me want that too.

  3. I think Tankcrimes has the CC/Hn split on wax

  4. Hey man. This is Mike Stitches, formerly of Thousandswilldie. Listen to my new band, standing on a floor of bodies. The demo is available at