Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sick/Tired-High Life

I just started listening to this band, Sick/Tired features members of fastcore band Mk-Ultra, and the one and only, one of my favorite modern hardcore bands; Weekend Nachos. Sick/Tired take influences from lots of different music. In this newest lp they put out(on To Live A Lie records) there are many different influences including grindcore(being one of the most obvious), Punk/HC/PV/Crust, southern rock, and a little bit of old school swedish death melody. Every song kills! They have a great balance of noisy grind blasts, punk circle pit madness, and a little bit of catchy southern sludge to top it off, with sick growling to add to the rage. I feel like this band is creating something very original while still remaining grind as fuck. This record is really exciting to hear. Everyone should look out for this record/band. I really think they're going somewhere, I'm excited to see where they go. And if you live in the Raleigh North Carolina area you should come out on September 14th to Kings Barcade to see Sick/Tired play with West coast powerviolence legends Despise You, Modern powerviolent grinders Magrudergrind, Raleigh pissed of hardcore punks in Stripmines, Raleigh crust freaks Man Will Destroy Himself, and Wall, a powerviolence duo from Wilmington. Goddamn that's gonna be an amazing show. Listen to a track from the album here

Stand out tracks: Highlife, Razors, 30 Pack Attack, Last Stand For a Dead Man, Banishment.

This shit is fucking awesome!

~Eli Thorp

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