Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bandcamp Artist of the Week: Worn Out

     ROOOOAR!!! I bring you another Bandcamp artist that you should seriously start listening to right now! Worn Out are a grindcore/hardcore band from Chicago, and they play a pretty straight forward, no bullshit style of very HxCx inspired grind. Blasts a plenty, thick, distorted bass, little to no metal influence, excellent production and I'm pretty sure there's female vocals. A few sludge parts pop up occasionally, and they're heavy as fuck. I find that slow parts are way more effective when used in moderation, which a lot of bands don't seem to get (*cough*WeekendNachos*cough*). I really dig it a lot, it's the type of thing I would put on when I need a good auditory ass-whooping. Fans of Extortion, The Endless Blockade, and ACxDC should definitely find a lot to love with this EP. Also, this is one of those releases that has each track really flow into each other seamlessly. So if you want to listen to this demo as one solid piece without those ugly pauses, I suggest you pay the measly 2 bucks and blast this fucker!!! I believe there are some cassette copies available here. And you can stream/download it here. Grind your fucking face off!!


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